Westfield research laboratory

Sydney Children’s Hospital houses a wet-laboratory facility utilised by a number of researchers, from across the paediatric subspecialities investigating a spectrum of childhood illnesses and diseases.

The Laboratory consists of PC2 wet laboratory spaces and associated office space. The Laboratory is very well-equipped for clinical sample processing and storage, microscopy, molecular biology, cell biology, cell culture, and protein assays.

Major strengths of laboratory research being conducted on this site include the miCF Research Centre, Developmental Neurosciences Program and gastroenterology program within the Discipline of Paediatrics. Within these programs researchers are currently investigating personalised therapies in cystic fibrosis, the intestinal microbiome, nutritional treatments of disease, bacterial colonisation in the premature newborn gut, gastrointestinal and pancreatic consequences of cystic fibrosis, immunodeficiency and infection, the role of probiotics in intestinal function, gastro-oesophageal reflux, chemosensory functions of taste and smell, neural stem cells, traumatic spinal cord disorders, the pathophysiology of childhood epilepsy, and the effects of asphyxia and prematurity on the newborn brain.

Dr Steven Leach is the Head of Laboratory Research at Sydney Children’s Hospital and is the contact person for access to the research laboratory facilities, as well as advice on conducting wet-laboratory based research.

Laboratory Manager

     Dr Steven Leach


     +61 2 9382 1883