Children’s Hospital Institute of Sports Medicine

CHISM provides a comprehensive specialist approach to children’s exercise and paediatric sports medicine through research, clinical care, policy development and advocacy.

We conduct injury research and also physical activity in children with chronic conditions including morbid obesity, haemophilia, hypermobility and spina bifida. We research prospective interventions, conduct surveillance, and collaborate with medical, industry, government, community and hospital-based services.

Our research is conducted in collaboration with other departments at the Children's Hospital at Westmead, including Rheumatology, Haematology and Endocrinology, as well as with other institutions in Australia.

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The research team

> CHISM Research Team Members

  • Dr Carolyn Broderick, Staff Specialist
  • Prof Gary Browne, Staff Specialist
  • Dr Damien McKay, Honorary Staff Specialist
  • Nancy van Doorn, Exercise Physiologist
  • Tina Cheng, Exercise Physiologist
  • Chloe Priest, Physiotherapist
  • Annette Hill, Administration Coordinator, email:

Key publications

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