Adolescent Medicine

Children undergo profound physical and cognitive changes when they reach adolescence. A flood of puberty hormones causes growth and influences their physiology in different ways. This is also the time when smoking, obesity, mental health issues and risk taking behaviours often develop.

Our research aims to fill in the gaps of knowledge and unravel the complexities of adolescent health and behaviour, particularly during pubertal development and in chronic illness. We are committed to the promotion and improvement of adolescent health and wellbeing.

Our multidisciplinary clinical research team is led by Professor Kate Steinbeck, The Medical Foundation Chair in Adolescent Medicine at the University of Sydney.

General enquiries can be directed to the department's Executive & Research Assistant, Tina Cunningham:

The research team

> Professor Kate Steinbeck, Department Head, email:

Kate is a Staff Specialist and Australia’s first University Chair of Adolescent Medicine. She has undertaken the first comprehensive study looking at how puberty hormones affect adolescent health and wellbeing. She is also researching adolescent mental health, risk taking behaviour and chronic illness, including the health impacts of homelessness and incarceration on young people. For more information please visit Kate's University of Sydney profile page

> Professor Rachel Skinner, Consultant and Researcher in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Rachel is an Adoloscent Physician and Clinical Academic with a research interest in teenage pregnancy and contraception use, Human Papillomav Virus (HPV) vaccination and sexual risk taking in adolescents. Rachel's University of Sydney profile page has more information.

> Professor Susan Towns, Clinical Associate, email:

Susan specialises in respiratory and adolescent medicine. She has special interests in asthma and cystic fibrosis, adherence to medication, transition to adult care, and smoking prevention and cessation. She has continued ongoing clinical research in the complex chronic illness area and continues to advocate for adolescent health issues. Please visit Susan's University of Sydney profile page for more information.

> Other Research Team Members:

  • Dr Helen Cheng, Marie Bashir Clinical Research Fellow, email:
  • Dr Sharon Medlow, Research Fellow
  • Dr Harriet Gunn, Visiting Research Fellow

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