Institute of Endocrinology & Diabetes

The Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes is one of the world’s leading clinical paediatric endocrinology research centres.

Led by Professor Kim Donaghue and Professor Geoff Ambler, our research staff leads basic and epidemiological studies into the causes of childhood diabetes and their complications. We also conduct clinical trials that aim to prevent or cure diabetes and osteoporosis in children.

The key theme of the research is prevention. The Institute’s ultimate objectives are to prevent the onset of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in children; to prevent the development of diabetes complications, and to prevent the morbidity, such as bone pain and fractures, in children with primary and secondary osteopenia.

Current projects

> Predicting complications in childhood-onset Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) using retinal image analysis

We are examining whether identification of risk markers by retinal image analysis in adolescence will prevent diabetes vascular complications in later life, using a well-characterised cohort with childhood onset T1D.

> Delivering improved medication and health outcomes for pediatric patients in hospitals with eHealth systems

A partnership project with the Australian Institute of Health Innovation examining implementation of eHealth systems to improve paediatric healthcare services at The Children's Hospital at Westmead and elsewhere.

> CoRD: the Cord blood Reinfusion in Diabetes Study

Determining whether stem cells in cord blood (stored at the time of birth and reinfused upon signs of pre-diabetes) can prevent or delay development of Type 1 diabetes in high risk children.

> ENDIA: Environmental Determinants of Islet Autoimmunity

A nationwide observational study to identify environmental triggers of diabetes, studying children who have a parent or sibling with Type 1 diabetes.  More information can be found on th ENDIA study website.

> The intermittent fast diet for obese adolescents

An early start to cardiovascular disease prevention through assessment of dietary intervention strategies, such as the 5:2 intermittent fast diet, in adolescents with obesity problems.

The research team

> Professor Kim Donaghue, Co-Head of Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes

Kim's major research interest is prevention of diabetes and its complications using evidence-based medicine. She has led research in early detection of vascular complications in young people since 1990, which has direct effects on glycaemic targets and diabetes management. More information can be found on Kim's University of Sydney profile page.

> Professor Geoffrey Ambler, Co-Head of Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes

Geoff is a Clinical Professor specializing in growth and endocrine disorders and diabetes in children and adolescents. His research interests include disorders of growth, puberty, thyroid, adrenal, pituitary and other hormone systems, and improving paediatric care using e-health. Geoff's University of Sydney profile page has more information.

> Professor Maria Craig, Senior Staff Specialist in Paediatric Endocrinology and Research Fellow

Maria is a clinician researcher and her major research interests are the epidemiology and aetiology of childhood diabetes and its complications. She is internationally recognised as a leader in diabetes epidemiology, evidence based medicine and clinical guidelines. Please visit Maria's University of Sydney profile page for more information.

> Associate Professor Sarah Garnett, Senior Research Fellow, email:

Sarah is a dietician-researcher and her research focuses on diet and obesity in adolescence, and the relationship with diabetes and cardiovascular disease in adulthood. Her research aims to improve overall health outcomes for future generations. More information can be found on Sarah's University of Sydney profile page.

> Professor Chris Cowell, Senior Staff Specialist in Endocrinology and Director of Kids Research

Chris' maintains a research interest in paediatric endocrinology, insulin resistance, new treatments for musculoskeletal diseases and e-health for improvement of paediatric healthcare services. Please visit Chris' University of Sydney profile page for more details of his research.

> Other Research Team Members

Key publications

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