Webinar series

The Kids Advanced Therapeutics Educational Webinar Series feature speakers who are world class experts in their respective fields, sharing the current and future work in the Advanced Therapeutics space.

We invite you to join us as explore the way Advanced Therapeutics is driving clinicians and researchers to prepare for a new wave of therapies that will revolutionise the future of paediatric health care.

Webinars are held bi-monthly and free to join.

Watch our previous webinars below:

15/09/2023: Revolutionising medicine: unleashing T-cell therapies today and beyond Speakers: Dr Steven Keogh, Dr Caroline Bateman, Dr Kavitha Gowrishankar and Dr Amanda Tan

28/07/2023: Newborn screening: early detection for a brighter future Speakers: Dr Sandi Kariyawasam, Dr Sophy Shih and Prof Bruce Bennetts

19/05/2023: Phage Therapy in Australia: STAMPing out problematic infections Speakers: Prof Jon Iredell, Dr Ameneh Khatami, Stephanie Lynch, Tony Lai, Kylie Sangalang and Rachael Sloane

9/12/2022: A look at how gene therapy is changing the game for children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Speakers: A/Prof Michelle Farrar, Dr Didu (Sandi) Kariyawasam, Ms Deshina Naidoo and Ms Sandra Charlton

30/9/2022: The growing demand for viral vectors as a cutting-edge health treatment Speakers: Dr Susan Siew and Dr Michelle Lorentzos with experts, Dr Grant Logan and Dr Samantha Ginn

29/07/2022: A health system team approach to ocular gene therapy and vision rescue Speakers: Robyn Jamieson, Benjamin Nash, John Grigg, Bradley Rockliff, Emilie Chin, Matthew Simunovic and Alan Ma

27/05/2022: Ethical considerations in rare disease clinical trials Speakers: Anne Preisz, Helen Young and Kris Elvidge on the panel

28/03/2022: Who you gonna call? Drug busters! Speakers: Senior Pharmacists Joni Donagher, Kyall Homberg and Toni Lai

08/10/2021: Drug Discovery and Clinical Trials Speakers: Dr Ian Street and Prof Tom Snelling

23/07/2021: When a Virus is the Cure - phage therapy & mini lungs Speakers: Dr Ameneh Khatami and Dr Shafagh Waters

30/04/2021: Ocular Gene & Cell Therapies - new frontier of vision research & treatment Speakers: Prof Robyn Jamieson and Dr Anai Gonzalez Cordero

26/02/2021: The future with CAR-T cell therapy Speakers: Prof Tracey O'Brien and Dr Patrick Schelgel

27/11/2020: Transforming the way we care for children - gene therapy for Spinal Muscular Atrophy Speakers: Prof Ian Alexander and A/Prof Michelle Farrar