The Molecular Oncology Research Team

Associate Professor Jennifer Byrne, Molecular Oncology Group Leader, email:

Gene amplification is often responsible for the activation of oncogenes, defective genes that trigger the growth of cancer cells. Jennifer's research focuses on understanding the role of gene amplification and ultimately finding new ways of targeting these genes to stop tumours from spreading.

Jennifer first identified the chromosome 8 tumour protein D52 (TPD52) gene when she was working as a postdoctoral fellow in France. She subsequently identified two other broadly-expressed members of tis family, and the four-transmembrane protein MAL2, which is a common binding partner of TPD52-like proteins. The TPD52 gene is increasingly recognised to be overexpressed in different human cancer types, at different stages of tumour progression.

More information can be found by visiting Jennifer's University of Sydney profile page

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  • Dr Yuyan Chen, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr Federica Saletta, Research Officer
  • Amanda Rush, Senior Research Officer
  • Sarah Frost, PhD Student