The Molecular Oncology Research Team

Professor Jennifer Byrne, Molecular Oncology Group Leader, email:

Jennifer Byrne has spent her scientific career analyzing childhood and adult cancers at a molecular level. Her PhD studies mapped loss of chromosome 11p15 loci in embryonal tumours, and she then identified a novel human gene family during postdoctoral studies in France. Professor Byrne is Head of the Children’s Cancer Research Unit at Kids Research, and Professor of Molecular Oncology within the Discipline of Child and Adolescent Health at the University of Sydney.

More information can be found by visiting Jennifer's University of Sydney profile page

> Other Research Team Members

  • Dr Rose Boutros, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr Yuyan Chen, Senior Research Officer
  • Ms Bharvi Maneck, Project Officer
  • Dr Federica Saletta, Senior Research Officer
  • Mr Punkaja Maninda S Amarasekera, PhD student
  • Ms Sarah Frost, PhD Student
  • Ms Amanda Rush, PhD Student
  • Ms Dianne Sylvester, PhD Student