The Research Team

> Dr Justin Skowno, Research Group Leader, Senior Staff Specialist and Clinical Senior Lecturer

Justin's research interests include:

  • Non-invasive optical monitoring of cerebral and vascular physiology
  • Effects of routinely used general anaesthetics on neurodevelopment in children
  • Physiological data acquisition and processing in high acuity environments
  • Nitric oxide physiology in congenital heart disease and cardiopulmonary bypass.
  • Cardiac output and perfusion monitoring in children

Please visit Justin's University of Sydney profile page for more information.

> Dr Jonathan de Lima, Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Sydney

Jonathan's research explores pain developmental biology and he has a continuing interest in acute pain management, paediatric cardiac anaesthesia and nitric oxide physiology in congenital heart disease.

> Dr Andrew Weatherall, Co-Head of the Department of Anaesthesia, Clinical Lecturer

Andrew's research Interests include:

  • Prehospital applications of non-invasive monitoring
  • Virtual and augmented Reality in perioperative and periprocedural care
  • Applications of 3D printing technologies to paediatric research and education.

> Dr Minal Menezes, Senior Research Officer

Minal's key research interest areas are cardiovascular anesthesiology, neuroscience in anesthesiology and using computing and simulation to study the effects of anaesthetics on these systems.

> Other research team members:

  • Dr Neil Street
  • Dr Margaret Perry
  • Dr Gail Wong