The Research Team


Professor Marilyn Cruickshank, Nursing Research Director, email:

Marilyn is Professor of Nursing (Research) at Sydney Children's Hospitals Network and UTS, and is a Registered Nurse with post graduate qualifications in paediatric intensive care, paediatric mental health, paediatric HIV, and, neurology and neuroscience nursing.  Marilyn developed a keen interest in research as a Clinical Nurse Coordinator, developing guidelines and policies for maternal transmission and for children with HIV in hospitals and the community. She is passionate about policy development and implementation strategies for antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial stewardship and healthcare associated infection.


Dr Suzanne Sheppard-Law (Polis), Senior Research Fellow, email:

Suzanne Sheppard-Law (formerly Polis) research interests lie in epidemiology, statistics, chronic disease management and qualitative research methodologies and design. She has coordinated numerous clinical trials, coordinated a national observational pediatric study and has been a principle investigator for five category 3 and 4 research grants.  Sue is passionate about educating the next generation of nurses to engage in research.

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