Current Projects

> TLC - Teamwork, Learning Change/ Essentials of Care Program

This project began has a pilot study to investigate whether the implementation of a facilitated program of Practice Development enables individuals and teams to realise a philosophy of family-centred care in everyday practice. The study has been expanded to 11 clinical units/services.

> The Paediatric International Nursing Study (PINS)

PINS is implementing and testing KPIs in paediatric units and hospitals in Australia, UK, Ireland and Denmark (23 units in 12 organisations). The Children’s Hospital at Westmead is the lead site for Australia and has three clinical units undertaking the study.

> Evaluation of the Heart-Beads Program

The 'Heart Beads' program is for children undergoing cardiac related procedures at the Children's Hospital at Westmead, whereby beads related to events and procedures during the child's hospitalisation are given to the child/family. The resulting string of beads 'tells the story' of the child's treatment and condition.

> The Person Centred Nursing Index

This is a staff satisfaction survey undertaken yearly. Each clinical unit receives a yearly report which provides them with trends and progress from year to year and compares their unit results with the organisational average. An organisation-wide survey report is also undertaken.

> The Nursing Unit Manager Person Centred Leadership Program

A monthly active learning sessions are held with groups of NUMs around their development as person centred leaders.

> The Educator Development Program

A program to support those in nurse education positions develop facilitation skills. Participants attend an initial study day and them monthly Active Learning Sets where they discuss/analyse their skill development around each of the themes of the programme.

> Facilitation and Support Program

A 2-day workshop in September for SCHN Facilitators and Leaders of the TLC/EOC Program.