Stream 1 - Neurosciences and Mental Health

Neurosciences and Mental Health

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead boasts some of Australia’s best clinicians and researchers in the area of neurosciences and mental health. Our research centres on the effect of the brain and muscles on child health and well-being.

This research endeavours to understand the causes and mechanisms of a range of disorders and diseases. Much of our work involves neurological diseases such as muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular disorders. We look for new genes that may explain why some children develop brain and muscle disorders and why dysfunction in particular genes or proteins causes symptoms.

All of our research aims to improve treatment for the children we see every day in our clinics. Our eating disorders research involves finding and testing the best treatment regime for the rapidly growing number of children presenting to our Hospital. We also aim to understand how the brain works in children with varying conditions from brain tumours to sleep disorders and dyslexia.