Current Projects

Current projects within the department include:

  • Management of spasticity using botulinum toxin and evaluating and auditing outcomes and adverse events
  • Evaluation of transition to adult services and assessment of school support for adolescents with acquired brain injury
  • Bright Hearts: biofeedback mediated relaxation for the management of pain and anxiety using the BrightHearts App
  • N-of-1 trials: treatment options for children with attention and behavioural difficulties following acquired brain injury
  • Long-term effects of aquatic immersion on the health and well-being of children who experienced a near drowning
  • Comparison of knee exercise programs for children and adolescents with symptomatic joint hypermobility
  • Computerised cognitive rehabilitation of working memory for children with traumatic brain injury
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy for managing anxiety in adolescents with acquired brain injury
  • Genetic testing and “Potty Monkey” toilet training in children with cerebral palsy