The Kids Critical Care Research Team


Dr Jonathan Egan, Staff Specialist and Research Group Leader, email:

Jonathan specialises in the care of critically ill children, including a large proportion of perioperative cardiac surgical patients. His research is focused on heart function and its relationship to heart swelling, and the role of heart cell membranes during states of reduced blood and oxygen supply. Please visit Jonathan's University of Sydney profile page for more information.

> Other Research Team Members

  • Dr Stephen Jacobe, Clinical Associate Professor and Staff specialist
  • Dr Chong-Tien Goh, Associate Clinical Lecturer and Staff specialist
  • Dr Marino Festa, Staff specialist,
  • Dr Gail Harper,Research Coordinator,
  • Dr Nick Pigott, Medical head of Department
  • Dr Corrine Balit, Deputy Medical Head of Department
  • Dr Vishal Jatana, Staff specialist
  • Dr David Schell, Staff specialist
  • Dr Elena Cavazzoni, Staff specialist
  • Dr Robin Choong, Staff specialist
  • Dr Andrea Christoff, Staff specialist
  • Dr Nitesh Singhal, Staff specialist
  • Mrs Rachel Wood, Nursing Head of Department