Our research at a glance

  • Neurosciences & mental health

    Researching the effect of the brain and muscle on children's health and well-being.

  • Tissue & bone repair

    Advancing knowledge of how the body heals itself, which is translated into better treatments to promote healing.

  • Cancer biology

    Investigating child and adolescent tumours, including development of molecularly targeted therapies.

  • Genetics & gene therapy

    Aiming to understand the biology of genetic disorders, and working on gene therapy treatments for genetic conditions.

  • Obesity & metabolism

    Aiming to prevent and treat complications resulting from disorders of the metabolism, such as diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity.

  • Renal medicine & transplantation

    Seeking new treatments for kidney disease, new methods of diagnosis, and improving the quality of life for children with kidney disease.

  • Infectious diseases & immunology

    Working on immunisation, vaccine preventable diseases, and looking at the transmission of perinatal infections from mother to unborn.

  • Clinical & health services delivery

    Aiming to provide an evidence-based approach to the way we treat sick children.