Kids Heart Research

Group leader: Professor David Winlaw

The Heart Centre for Children, based at The Children's Hospital at Westmead, is the largest centre for childhood heart disease in NSW. It cares for more than 3500 babies, children and adolescents with congenital heart disease each year.

The clinicians who work at the Heart Centre have close links with research. Kids Heart Research questions are formed from the problems we experience at the coalface, and then solutions we find are taken immediately back to the wards to ensure that our patients receive the most innovative care possible.

Our research falls into four areas:

> Genetics Research: Understanding the genetic causes of congenital heart disease to improve management and treatment of patients

> Clinical Research: Clinical research projects to better understand, document and improve management of cardiac abnormalities in children

> Psychological Research: Innovative studies which aim to help children with heart disease and their families to live happy and fulfilling lives

> Cardiovascular Risk and Long Term Outcomes: Understanding the genetic and environmental factors that increase cardiovascular risk in children.

Kids Heart Research is led by Professor David Winlaw and more information can be found by visiting our Current Projects pages.

The Heart Centre for Children website also provides additional information on our clinical programs.