The Grace Centre Research Team

> Professor Nadia Badawi, Head of Research

Nadia’s research spans all aspects of care for infants who need complex surgery around the time of birth. She is especially interested in cerebral palsy and works with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute to identify the best world research into a prevention and cure. Further information can be found on Nadia's University of Sydney profile page

> Dr Karen Walker, Clinical Research Fellow, email:

Karen’s research interest is the long term outcomes of newborn babies who undergo major surgery in the first few weeks of life. Karen’s work has led to expansion of the Grace Developmental Follow-up Clinic to identify as early as possible, which infants are at greatest risk of poor outcomes. Please visit Karen's University of Sydney profile page for more information.

> Associate Professor Kaye Spence AM, CNC in Neonatology, email:

Kaye's research interests include newborn pain, infant feeding, developmental care and other issues facing newborn babies who require surgery. Kaye is committed to translating evidence into practice and facilitates a Clinical Neonatal Nursing Fellowship to undertake a small research study in evidence to practice.

> Other Research Team Members

  • Dr Peter Barr, Neonatologist
  • Dr Kathryn Browning Carmo, Neonatologist
  • Angela Casey, Nurse Unit Manager
  • Susan Clarke, Social Worker