Gene Therapy Research Unit

Our ultimate aim is to find treatments for genetic disease by using genes as medicine.  A joint initiative of Kids Research and Children's Medical Research Institute, we focus on realising the therapeutic potential of rapid advances in biomedical knowledge.

To treat genetic disorders, we repair faulty genes and deliver them back into the body using vector technology. We are Australia’s leading group specialising in gene transfer technology and the first in Australia to treat a child with gene therapy.

Our particular interest is genetic disorders of the bone marrow and liver.  Our staff explore ways of translating new therapies developed in the laboratory into successful treatments for patients.

Contact us for advice and assistance on paediatric gene therapy clinical trials

The research team

Professor Ian Alexander, Gene Therapy Research Unit Head

As a Senior Staff Specialist and Clinical Geneticist at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Ian’s research works towards a day when he will be able to tell parents he not only knows the cause of their child’s disorder – but how to cure it. His training and day-to-day activities in clinical medicine and laboratory research reflect his interest in translating research progress into improved health outcomes for children.

Ian pioneered gene transfer technology in Australia – where repaired genes are transferred back to the body efficiently via vectors derived from viruses. His team became the first in Australia to treat a genetic disease (SCID-X1) by gene therapy. More information can be found on Ian's University of Sydney profile page.

> Other Research Team Members

  • Margot Latham, Administration and Program Manager, email:
  • Dr Sharon Cunningham, Research Fellow
  • Dr Samantha Ginn, Research Fellow
  • Dr Grant Logan, Research Fellow
  • Cindy Zhu, Senior Research Assistant
  • Emma Doroudian, Research Assistant
  • Neeta Khandekar, Research Assistant
  • Caitlin Lucas, Research Assistant
  • Eva van Dijk, Research Assistant
  • Sharntie Christina, PhD student
  • Dr Lara Graves, PhD student
  • James Kerr, PhD student
  • Mawj Mandwie, PhD student
  • Dr Kathryn Mullany, PhD student

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