The Gene Therapy Research Team

> Professor Ian Alexander, Gene Therapy Research Unit Head

As a Senior Staff Specialist and Clinical Geneticist at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Ian’s research works towards a day when he will be able to tell parents he not only knows the cause of their child’s disorder – but how to cure it. His training and day-to-day activities in clinical medicine and laboratory research reflect his interest in translating research progress into improved health outcomes for children.

Ian pioneered gene transfer technology in Australia – where repaired genes are transferred back to the body efficiently via vectors derived from viruses. His team became the first in Australia to treat a genetic disease (SCID-X1) by gene therapy. More information can be found on Ian's University of Sydney profile page.

> Other Research Team Members

  • Margot Latham, Research Administrator, email:
  • Dr Christine Smyth, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr Sharon Cunningham, Research Fellow
  • Dr Samantha Ginn, Research Fellow
  • Dr Claus Hallwirth, Research Fellow
  • Nicola Hetherington, Research Assistant
  • Sophia Liao, Research Assistant
  • Dr Grant Logan, Research Fellow
  • Neeta Khandekar, Research Assistant
  • Natsuki Sasaki, Research Assistant
  • Cindy Zhu, Senior Research Assistant
  • Anais Amaya Colina, PhD Student
  • Amina Ahmad, PhD Student