The Gene Discovery Research Team

> Associate Professor Sandra Cooper, Gene Discovery Group Leader

Sandra is a neuroscientist whose interest is the mechanism of disease, how specific patient mutations affect cellular function, and the molecular basis for disease onset and progression. She leads the INMR Gene Discovery group in investigations uncovering the underlying genetic mechanisms and mutations that lead to neuromuscular disorders, with the hope of finding better treatments and cures. Please visit Sandra's University of Sydney profile page for more information.

> Other Research Team Members

  • Dr Kristi Jones, Clinical Geneticist
  • Dr Emily Oates, Clinical Geneticist and NHMRC Research Fellow
  • Dr Sarah Sandaradura, Neurogenetics Fellow and PhD student
  • Dr Gina O'Grady, Neurologist and PhD student
  • Dr Roula Ghaoui, Neurologist and PhD student
  • Dr Leigh Waddell, Postdoctoral Scientist, Laboratory and Diagnostics Manager
  • Dr Michaela Yuen (nee Kriessl), Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Heather Best, PhD student

> Collaborators at Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

  • A/Prof Daniel MacArthur
  • Dr Monkol Lek