The Developmental Psychiatry Research Team

> Associate Professor David Dossetor, Head of Developmental Psychiatry

David is a child psychiatrist who co-leads the Developmental Psychiatry group and a sponsor of the Centre for EBSST. He has a special interest in intellectual disability and autism. Please visit David's University of Sydney profile page for more information.

> Dr Michelle Wong, EBSST Program Leader, Developmental Pyschiatry, email:

Michelle is a Clinical Psychologist and Research Fellow with a strong interest in autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disability. She developed the Emotion Based Social Skills Training (EBSST), a developmental framework for understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is the founder of the Centre for EBSST (CEBSST).

> Other Research Team Members:

  • Dr Sandra Heriot, Clinical Psychologist
  • Sandy Vickerstaff, Psychologist
  • Dr Victoria Grahame, Clinical Psychologist
  • Belinda Ratcliffe, Psychologist
  • Louisa Carroll, Clinical Psychologist
  • Lisa Brice, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Phil Ray, Clinical Psychologist