Current Projects

Current Projects:

  • The influence of time of healing on the development of a hypertrophic scar
  • Determination of optimal time to graft a scald burn in an animal model
  • Development of a hypertrophic burn wound in an animal model
  • Role of fibrocytes in burn wound hypertrophic scarring

Previous Research Studies:

  • The role of fibrocytes and pro-inflammatory cytokines in predicting post-burn hypertrophic scarring in children study
  • Child Life Therapist for reducing stress and pain perception in children during routine burn wound dressing changes
  • Multi-centre, international evaluation of multi-channel Laser Doppler Imaging in predicting burn wound outcomes
  • Retrospective audit of impact of burn wound cultures and antibiotic prophylaxis prior to operative intervention
  • Randomised controlled trial of Versajet versus sharp surgical debridement for paediatric burns
  • Randomised controlled trial of Biobrane versus standard burns dressing for mid-dermal burns
  • Assessment of outcomes, costs and barriers to optimal burn care in Aboriginal children
  • Evaluation of the MEEK skin grafting system in children with major burn injuries
  • Retrospective reviews of contact and exhaust burn wound injuries in children
  • Prospective review of the incidence of hypertrophic scarring in children
  • Retrospective audit of burn injuries from hot noodles in children
  • Retrospective review of scalp wound burns in children
  • A review of chemical burns in children