Current projects

Early life determinants of child health and development

  • Investigating the role of birth outcomes (gestational age, mode of birth), neonatal health on long-term child health and school performance
  • Epidemiology and outcomes of infants born with congenital anomalies, including genital anomalies (hypospadias, undescended testes), cleft lip/palate, congenital heart defects and oesophageal atresia
  • Evaluation of newborn screening of thyroid hormone levels to detect congenital hypothyroidism, and assess long-term development and school performance of children
  • Impact of paediatric exposure to general anaesthesia and neurocognitive outcomes 
  • Long-term health and school performance of twin births

Child and adolescent health and development

  • Common childhood conditions such as childhood infections, childhood-onset type 1 diabetes, chronic diseases
  • Childhood injuries, including sports injuries, infant falls, traumatic brain injuries, pharmacological poisonings in young children

Evaluating value in paediatric healthcare and healthcare utilisation

  • Paediatric surgery- appendicectomies, orchidopexy
  • Over-diagnosis, health care utilisation and costs of paediatric healthcare
  • Safety and quality of medicines use in kids- reflux medicines in infants
  • Paediatric intensive care unit admissions

Clinical studies in perinatal and paediatric care

  • Randomised trial to evaluate probiotics for the prevention of mastitis in breastfeeding women
  • Patient knowledge and behaviour regarding infection in pregnancy
  • Antenatal education and pregnancy outcomes in women having their first baby
  • Intravenous iron utilisation and treatment for iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy