Current Projects

Our research program spans laboratory research, epidemiology, and surveillance of infectious diseases to clinical and translational research into practice and policy. We lead a collaborative translational research program which aims to reduce the burden of infectious disease through active surveillance of perinatal and emerging paediatric infection, developing and testing novel therapies to prevent and or treat these infections, engaging with health care professionals and the community about risk reduction, diagnosis and treatment.

Our Epidemiology, Population Health and Clinical Research includes:

  • The Australian Childhood Encephalitis (ACE) study - a national study to characterise childhood encephalitis
  • Identification of new infectious causes of encephalitis and management of emerging infectious encephalitis epidemics
  • Determination of the global burden of cytomegalovirus (CMV) in developing countries like Bangladesh
  • Surveillance studies for viruses such as rubella and influenza, including infections during pregnancy
  • Immunisation in special risk and underrepresented groups

Our Laboratory Research program investigates:

  • Herpes Simplex virus (HSV) neonatal infections and immunology, with the aim of vaccine development
  • The role of CMV infection during pregnancy and development of cerebral palsy
  • How viral infections are transmitted from mother to baby