The Clinical Genetics Research Team

> Dr Felicity Collins, Head of Clinical Genetics and Research Group Leader, email:

Felicity is a Staff Specialist in Clinical Genetics and a Clinical Senior Lecturer. As Head of the Department of Clinical Genetics, she leads research into the genetic mutations that cause rare disorders and investigates better diagnosis of these conditions. More information can be found on Felicity's University of Sydney profile page.

> Dr Lesley Ades, Marfan Syndrome Research Group Leader, email:

Lesley is a Clinical Geneticist with a specific research interest in Marfan Syndrome genetics and the the genetics of other rare childhood illnesses. More information can be found on her University of Sydney profile page.

> Other Research Team Members and Collaborators:

  • Associate Professor Veronica Wiley, Dept Head and Principal Scientist, NSW Newborn Screening Program