The CKR Laboratory Research Team


Professor Stephen Alexander, CKR Laboratory Research Group Leader

Stephen is a clinician-scientist and has headed the CKR Laboratory Research Program for more than 10 years. He has a longstanding interest in the role of regulatory T cells (Tregs) and tolerance in kidney transplantation, and his research program includes human studies and mouse models of transplant rejection and glomerulonephritis. For more information please visit Stephen's University of Sydney profile page.


Dr Yuan Wang, Research Scientist and Associate Lecturer, email:
Yuan trained as a medical doctor and has made a number of important contributions in the area of Tregs and DNA vaccination, including the first use of gene therapy to treat renal disease. See Yuan's University of Sydney profile page for more information on her research.


Dr Hugh McCarthy, Senior staff specialist

Hugh is a paediatric nephrologist and clinician researcher in the field of rare kidney disease. He runs the NSW paediatric renal genetic clinical service. His research focuses include the development of rare disease patient registries with centralised information portals for patients/families; the genomic determinants of renal disease and the proteomics of podocytopathies. For more information please visit Hugh’s University of Sydney profile page.



> Other Research Team Members

  • Dr Geoff Zhang, Senior scientist, email:
  • Dr Min Hu, Postdoctoral scientist, The Westmead Institute for Medical Research
  • Jevin Karunia, Research Assistant
  • Mahnoor Bakhtiar, Research Assistant
  • Sam Robinson, Honours Student
  • Victor Shen, Honours Student