Children's Hospital Burns Research Institute

The Children's Hospital Burns Research Institute (CHBRI) was formed in 2005 to build upon the strong reputation held by the Burns Unit at The Children's Hospital at Westmead for clinical excellence in the treatment of children with burns injury.

CHBRI seeks to build upon this established clinical track record and introduce an exciting new element – clinical and laboratory based burns research.

CHBRI pioneered the use of a new technique of Laser Doppler Imaging in predicting burn wound outcome in children. A laser light is used to determine flow beneath the wound and thus to predict its depth and inform treatment decisions. Recently, new equipment has been devised which enables the process to be completed in 5 seconds rather than 3 minutes. Studies into the usefulness of this technique are continuing.

Other work is looking at the role of fibrocyte cells in hypertrophic (thick, raised) scarring, and the molecular biological process which regulates burn wound healing.

In other areas, CHBRI has confirmed the role of running water as the optimal burns first aid and treatment in children; determined the optimal time to graft a scald burn, and looked at long term clinical outcomes to determine the influence of time of healing on the development of a hypertrophic scar.

We are currently developing a new model of hypertrophic scarring to better assess current and new treatments of scarring, including the use of laser treatment.

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