Tumour Banking & Biospecimens Research

The Children's Hospital at Westmead Tumour Bank is enabling translation of research findings into innovative treatments and intervention strategies for childhood cancer by providing the highest quality biobanking and bioinformatics services informed by ongoing research.

The biobanking field is rapidly expanding, and with this comes improvement in the way we run biobanks. As cancer therapies become more targeted to specific types and sub-classes of cancer, the demand for quality biobanked samples and annotated data increases. Continued investigations into the best way to collect and store biospecimens, as well as manage, manipulate and share data, is crucial to the advancement of translational research.

Our tumour banking and biospecimens research ensures delivery of the highest quality biospecimens to paediatric cancer researchers by the Tumour Bank team and other biobanks around the world. Our research is also finding better ways to integrate data analysis into the clinic, so that oncologists can better diagnose and treat children with cancer. Our research efforts enable the Tumour Bank to remain an important contributor to the global advancement of personalised medicine.

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