Current Projects

> Looking at how to improve outcomes for patients with chronic kidney disease

This has included a study of how well outcomes are reported in clinical trials of kidney transplantation, a review of a new immune-system suppressing drug for use in patients receiving a kidney transplant, and several projects looking at how having chronic kidney disease affects the risk of having a stroke.

> Understanding patient, public and professional views on living kidney donation

Interviews with >110 transplant nephrologists and surgeons in 12 countries have been undertaken to understand the perspectives and decisions of transplant professionals regarding the assessment of living kidney donors. Also, focus groups were conducted across Australia to ascertain the views of the general public on living kidney donation.

> The ARDAC (Kidney Health) study assessing CKD in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children

This study is now in its tenth year, as we continue to follow over 3000 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children from early school age into early adult life to determine why and when they develop chronic kidney disease. We see an increase in CKD risk factors as children grow, and no difference in risk factor rates between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children.

> Assessing the test performance characteristics of cancer screening tests in people with CKD

We are establishing the largest diagnostic test cohort in the chronic kidney disease (CKD) population (> 1300). Findings from this study will generate reliable and informative estimates of test accuracy of the screening immunochemical faecal occult blood testing in patients with CKD.

> Evaluating clinical and laboratory tests for detecting serious bacterial infections in young febrile children

The studies are aimed at optimising the diagnostic evaluation and management of children presenting with fever by promoting timely detection of serous bacterial infections and averting needless testing of the majority who have self-limiting illnesses.