The CCBMH Research Team

> Professor David Little, CCBMH Group Leader, email:

David is a world renowned surgeon, researcher and educator in children’s orthopaedics. He is in a unique position to pose difficult research questions based on areas of clinical need, examine these in a laboratory setting and then translate these findings back to the care of children. More information can be found on David's University of Sydney profile page

> Associate Professor Aaron Schindeler, Head of the Bioengineering and Molecular Medicine Laboratory, email:

Aaron has research expertise in the area of advanced models of musculoskeletal disease, bone tissue engineering and novel therapies. His current research focuses on muscle and bone biology genetic disorders and treatments for Osteogenesis Imperfecta in children. Please visit Aaron's University of Sydney profile page for more information.

> Professor Craig Munns, Metabolic Bone Team Leader, email:

Craig is an endocrinologist: one of few in the world to concentrate solely on bone health. He has a broad international reputation and has contributed much of the original material to the world literature clarifying the treatment of bone disorders. More information is available on Craig's University of Sydney profile page.

> Professor Joshua Burns, Director of the Paediatric Gait Analysis Laboratory, email:

Joshua combines clinical and research training in podiatry, neurology and physiotherapy. His research is world leading and focuses around developing and evaluating new treatments for children with nerve, muscle and bone disorders. Joshua's University of Sydney profile page has more information.

> Other Research Team Members

  • Tegan Cheng, Group Leader (EPIC Lab)
  • Alyson Morse, PhD Student
  • Lucinda Lee, PhD Student
  • Emily Vasiljevski, PhD Student
  • Sumedh Kamble, PhD Student
  • Justin Bobyn, PhD Student
  • Jonathon Lillia, Research Assistant
  • Lauren Peacock, Research Assistant
  • Hoai-Lan Mai, Administrator
  • Dr Andrew Biggin, Osteogenesis Imperfecta Research Fellow
  • Lynne Foxall, Research Coordinator
  • Sheetal Reddy, Research Coordinator
  • Dr Oliver Birke, Orthopaedic Clinical Trial Co-ordinator