Children’s Cancer Research Unit

The outlook for children with cancer has never been better. But some rare tumours still have a poor prognosis, including neuroblastoma, brain tumours and childhood sarcomas.

Our research programs aim to increase understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of childhood and other cancers, and develop new cancer treatments using gene therapy and molecularly targeted approaches. We focus on the solid tumours of childhood and adolescence that have a poor prognosis.

The Children’s Cancer Research Unit was founded in 1997 as the research-dedicated arm of the clinical oncology department, and we now have about 30 research and support staff. Our research is facilitated by the provision of high quality clinical specimens through our world-class tumour bank, cutting edge laboratory research platforms and outstanding research expertise.

Associate Professor Jennifer Byrne is the Head of the Children's Cancer Research Unit and leader of the Molecular Oncology Research Group.

For general enquiries please contact Vanita D’Souza, Research Support Officer,