The Cancer Gene Therapy Research Team

> Dr Geoffrey McCowage, Cancer Gene Therapy Group Leader

Geoff is a Paediatric Oncologist at The Children's Hospital at Westmead and a member of Sydney Cell and Gene Therapy (SCGT). He is a Principal Investigator for clinical trials within the Children's Oncology Group. He has a particular clinical interest in neuro-oncology and sarcomas of bone and soft tissue. Dr McCowage leads the clinical and translational research of the Cancer Gene Therapy group.

> Dr Belinda Kramer, Cancer Gene Therapy Group Co-Leader, email:

Belinda is a senior research scientist and leads laboratory research within the Cancer Gene Therapy Group. She is also a member of Sydney Cell and Gene Therapy (SCGT) and highly experienced in gene transfer techniques and cell therapies.

> Dr Kenneth Hsu, Senior Post-doctoral Research Officer, Cancer Gene Therapy Group Co-Leader, email:

Ken is an experienced post-doctoral scientist working on the development of novel vectors for gene modification of T cells to target tumours and the development of clinically applicable T cell manufacturing methodology for the project.

> Other Research Team Members

  • Ms Shiloh Middlemiss, Research Assistant