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Postgraduate and Honours study

The Kids Research Institute facilitates a highly distinguished postgraduate research program with more than 80 PhD, MPhil and other postgraduate students studying across our eight research streams.

KRI has a wide range of opportunities for students with a passion for research. For students interested in Laboratory Research, KRI has units discovering new treatments for congenital heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, neuromuscular conditions and orthopaedics. For students interested in clinical and population health research, we have one of the strongest clinical research programs in the state based on our strong affiliation with The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

Postgraduate students are generally enrolled to undertake a PhD, MPhil or Honours placement program at KRI through the University of Sydney due to The Children's Hospital at Westmead being registered as a teaching hospital, however you can be enrolled through any university.

Students are an important aspect of research at the Kids Research Institute and are given the opportunity to engage in a wide range of research under the guidance of highly respected and internationally renowned supervisors.

Important tips for enrolling:

  • Decide on a topic/subject
  • Select a supervisor you are interested in working with
  • Apply via the university for admission to a research degree
  • Apply for all scholarships and other funding opportunities for which you are eligible

For more information on research projects we offer, please search on the phrase "Kids Research Institute" via Research Supervisor Connect at the University of Sydney or check out our Student Information Booklet.

Summer Research Scholarships

Lara Graves and Summer Scholarship Supervisor, Dr Sarah Garnett at the Deans Prize Ceremony in March 2011.

The Summer Research Scholarships program currently runs over November to February of each year and offers suitable students a placement for approximately an 8 -10 week period. To be eligible for a placement, students need to be undertaking a BSc or B App Sc degree.

Availability is subject to each research group's capacity to take on a summer student in that year. Successful applicants may be required to attend an interview and will be notified around the beginning of November in the year placement commences.

The placement also gives you the opportunity to compete for the University of Sydney Dean’s Prize. Students from KRI placements have been awarded this prize in 2007 and 2008.

"Research isn’t a skill you learn from a textbook, you have to do it! The Sydney Medical School Summer Research Scholarship provided me with the unique opportunity to become involved in important clinical medical research. Having never done much previously, I found the experience to be exciting and stimulating. I undertook my research with the Kids Research Institute and the Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes where I had an incredible amount of teaching and support from both my supervisor and the Director of KRI. I went from knowing almost nothing about medical research to formulating complex data analyses, producing a draft ready for publication, formally presenting my findings to senior clinicians and researchers, and improving my confidence in both the medical research and clinical medical fields. This opportunity at KRI allowed me to work alongside leaders in their field while simultaneously being a very supportive learning environment. I have been able to extend my project and am looking forward to continuing my association with the KRI for the duration of my medical degree and my future career"

Visit the Sydney Medical School site for full details on the Summer Research Scholarship program, or email .

Work experience

High School and University undergraduate students are able to gain valuable experience in a research setting. For University students to secure a position, applicants will need to provide a copy of their latest CV, academic transcripts, if available and description of the area of research in which they are interested in participating.

The work experience programme for High School students runs in November of each year. To secure a position, applicants will need to provide a Student Placement Form.

For more information on student opportunities available at the Kids Research Institute, please email