Our network-wide biobanking services seek to generate high-quality local, national and international collaborative research activity that turns biospecimens and linked data into understanding of paediatric disease. Applying this new-gained knowledge will lead to the development of diagnostic techniques, cures and disease prevention strategies.

Our biobanks meet national and international standards and lead the way in biobanking practices.

The Tumour Bank

The Tumour Bank at The Children's Hospital at Westmead is a founding member of the Australasian Biospecimens Network and is on the NSW Office of Health and Medical Research NSW Biobank Registry.  The Tumour Bank staff provide biobanking services to support pre-clinical translational cancer research studies, clinical trials and precision oncology. The biomaterial procurement strategy is to collect cancer specimens and control tissue contributed by patients through the normal course of treatment.

The Tumour Bank facilitates research into the causes and treatment of childhood malignancy. It holds more than 43,000 specimens from over 3,700 registered patients, representing over 50 malignancy types and subtypes, and has supported over 100 projects worldwide.

In 2017 the Tumour Bank successfully completed the NSW Health Pathology certification process.  The certification process took several months to complete and in doing so, the Tumour Bank at The Children's Hospital at Westmead became the first biobank to be accredited under the program.  This certification exemplifies the Tumour Bank's commitment to upholding the high standards of biobanking services and the continued support of quality translational cancer research, clinical trials and precision medicine.

Kids Heart Research DNA Bank

Studies of heart development and disease are facilitated by the large numbers of patient DNA provided by the Kids Heart Research DNA Bank. In collaboration with other Australian and international research groups, we are determining the gene changes that alter normal heart development and lead to congenital heart disease.

The Kidney Gene Bank

The Kidney Gene Bank has run for 10 years in the Centre for Kidney Research. Tissues and biospecimens from families with kidney disease and transplant patients are banked for current and future research investigations. This research has led to a number of novel discoveries including genes for lupus and other kidney diseases.

Tumour Bank Contacts

A/Professor Daniel Catchpoole
Tumour Bank Head
Natalie Gabrael
Clinical Research Associate  
+61 2 9845 1205  

Heart DNA Bank Contact

Gillian Blue
DNA Bank Coordinator
Heart Centre contact page  
+61 2 9845 2345  

Kidney Gene Bank Contact

Sandra Puckeridge
CKR Resources Manager  
+61 2 9845 1469