WATCH: Advanced Therapeutics Webinar – drug discovery and clinical trials

03 November 2021
Webinar Series

Watch the video of this webinar to hear from two experts in important parts of the drug development pipeline. So far, our series of webinars has featured a number of therapies currently being delivered to patients at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN). So we’ve asked the experts how potential therapies are identified and how do we most effectively investigate the effectiveness and safety of potential treatments.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Drug discovery pipelines at SCHN
  • Adaptive clinical trials


Dr Ian Street

Ian is the Director of THerapeutic INnovations for Kids (THINK), a platform designed to discover, develop, and commercialise novel therapies tailored to treat childhood cancer. THINK is part of the Children’s Cancer Institute, based in Randwick, Sydney.

Over a career spanning 31 years, Ian has worked in industry and academia in the USA, Canada, and Australia, dedicating his career to bridging the gap between a “great idea” and the technical and commercial realities of translating that idea into a new medicine.

Ian’s body of work has to date contributed to 7 investigational new drugs entering clinical trials, 2 FDA-approved drugs, more than $131 million in research funding, milestones and royalty payments returned to Australian partners, the filing of 40 patent applications (inventor on 15), and publications in high impact journals.


Prof Tom Snelling

Tom is the Director of Health and Clinical Analytics in the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, and an infectious diseases physician at SCHN. He instigated and now heads the network’s new Learning Health Initiative thanks to a major philanthropic commitment from the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.

Tom is pioneering the application of novel approaches in design, coordination, implementation and analysis of public interest studies. He successfully leads a number of multi-institutional collaborative learning health projects across Australia, while working with collaborative research groups across diverse clinical domain areas. These include Bayesian adaptive studies, such as improving treatment and prevention of severe gastroenteritis in remote Aboriginal children, primary prevention of food allergies in children and improving timeliness of routine immunisations.


Hosts and panelists

  • Prof Craig Munns, Paediatric Endocrinologist and specialist in Paediatric Bone and Mineral Medicine, Head of Bone Services, SCHN
  • Dr Ian Street, Director of Therapeutic Innovation at Children's Cancer Institute THerapeutic INnovations for KIDS (THINK)
  • Prof Tom Snelling, Head of Health and Clinical Analytics Team at the University of Sydney and an infectious diseases physician at SCHN
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