Patient-Centred Research Network launched

18 June 2018

The launch of a new joint initiative between Kids Research, the University of Sydney, Westmead Hospital, and The Westmead Institute for Medical Research brings together researchers and health professionals looking to effectively involve patients in health and medical research.

The Patient-Centred Research Network, or PACER network, focuses on developing the evidence about patient priorities and values and establishing meaningful partnerships with patients and caregivers.

Patient-centred care is widely advocated as fundamental to healthcare delivery across Australia and internationally. One of PACER’s goals is to direct research in this same direction and to better align scientific evidence with what is important to patients.

Co-founder of the PACER Network, Associate Professor Allison Tong, spoke at the launch event at Kids Research about the crucial role researchers have to play in contributing to this goal.

“There is strong evidence of a mismatch between the outcomes favoured by health care providers and patients. We, as researchers, need to identify the priorities and needs of patients and their families, and choose topics and outcomes that are important to them,” she said.

Chandana Guha, carer to her daughter, provided insight into the patient journey.  She talked about how research can bring hope in times of desperation, and the need for research to appeal to the immediate needs of patients and families.

The network will run regular workshops and webinars to facilitate knowledge exchange, innovation and collaboration in implementing and conducting patient-centred outcomes research and effective patient engagement and involvement.


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