NHRMC grant success

22 December 2016

Researchers from both Kids Research Institute at The Children's Hospital at Westmead and Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick were succesful in NHMRC grants. The outcome for 2016 was excellent, The success rate was 20%, well above the national average of 15.2%. 


NHMRC fellowships and grants 2016

People Support: Scholarships & Fellowships


Grant Title, number, type & period


Dr Michaela Yuen

Understanding the cause of muscle weakness in Nemaline myopathy (NM) - moving towards the development of targeted treatments. APP1121651. NHMRC Early Career Fellowship 2017-2020



Project Grants - SCHN Investigator as CIA

SCHN investigator as CIA

Grant Title, number, type & period


Prof Louise Baur, Prof Helen Truby, A/Prof Sarah Garnett, A/Prof Krista Varady, Prof Chris Cowell, Prof Claire Collins, Prof Susan Paxton, Dr Natalie Lister, Megan Gow; AI: Dr Shirley Alexander

The alternate day fasting diet in adolescents with obesity: a randomised controlled trial. APP1128317. NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2020


A/Prof Kristine Macartney, Dr Christopher Blyth, A/Prof Helen Marshall, A/Prof Julie Leask, Prof Peter McIntyre, Prof Elizabeth Elliott, Dr Thomas Snelling, A/Prof Julia Clark, A/Prof Jim Buttery, A/Prof Nick Wood

Reducing vaccine preventable diseases in children: using national active hospital-based surveillance to evaluate and improve immunisation program performance. APP1113851. NHMRC Partnership Project for Better Health 2016-2018


Prof Glenn Marshall, Dr Belamy Cheung, Dr Jessica Holien

Therapeutic targeting of MYCN oncoprotein stability in neuroblastoma. APP1125171 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2019


Dr Tony Roscioli, Prof Jozef Gecz, Dr Michael Field, Prof Deborah Schofield, Dr Michael Buckley, Prof Kathryn North, A/Prof Marcel Dinger, Prof John Christodoulou, Prof David Amor, A/Prof Gareth Baynam

Transforming the Diagnosis and Management of Severe Neurocognitive Disorders through Genomics. APP1117394. NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence 2017-2021


A/Prof Allison Tong, Prof Stephen Chadban, A/Prof John Kanellis, A/Prof Germaine Wong, Prof John Gill, Prof Klemens Budd, Prof Timothy Pruett, Prof Lorna Marson, Prof Peter Tugwell

Identifying and implementing standardised outcomes in kidney transplantation. APP1128564 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2019


A/Prof Julie Leask, A/Prof Stacey Carter, Prof Paul Ward, Prof Lesley Barclay, Dr Christopher Degeling

Developing evidence-based strategies for addressing childhood vaccination rejection. APP1126543 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2020


SCHN Investigators

Grant Title, number, type & period


Prof Iona Novak, Dr Cathy Morgan, Prof Nadia Badawi, Prof Roslyn Boyd, A/Prof Alicia Spittle, Prof Russell Dale, Ms Adrienne Kirby, A/Prof Rod Hunt, Dr Koa Whittingham, Dr Kirsten Pannek

Harnessing Neuroplasticity to Improve Motor Performance in Infants with Cerebral Palsy: a Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial. APP1120031. NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2021


Prof Roslyn Boyd, Prof Iona Novak, Prof Euan Wallace, Prof Nadia Badawi, A/Prof Michael Fahey, Prof Stephen Rose, Prof Paul Colditz, Prof Jenny Ziviani, A/Prof Catherine Elliott, Prof Ngaire Stott; AI: Dr Sarah McIntyre

Australasian Cerebral Palsy Clinical Trials Network (AusCP-CTN): optimising interventions and effective services for children with Cerebral Palsy. APP1116442. NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence 2017-2021


Prof Michelle Haber, Dr David Ziegler, Prof Murray Norris

Optimising targeted polyamine depletion for treatment of childhood neuroblastoma and brain tumours. APP1125036 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2019


Dr James Wood, A/Prof Mark Tanaka, A/Prof Ruitin Lan, Prof Peter McIntyre, Dr Heather Gidding, Dr Patricia Campbell

Assessing acellular pertussis vaccine effectiveness: integrating transmission models, genetics and cohort data to inform policy. APP1128215 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2019


Dr Penelope Abbott, Prof Jennifer Reath, Dr Hasantha Gunasekera, Prof Amanda Leach, A/Prof Kelvin Kong, A/Prof Deborah Askew, A/Prof Federico Girosi, Prof Wendy Hu, Prof Timothy Usherwood, Ms Sanja Lucic

A multi-centre randomised controlled trial to compare nasal balloon auto-inflation versus no nasal balloon auto-inflation for otitis media with effusion in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children (the INFLATE trial) APP1120317 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2019


Prof Emily Banks, Prof Sandra Eades, Prof Sally Redman, Dr Anna Williamson, Dr Hasantha Gunasekera, Prof Kathleen Clapham, Dr Alison Purcell, Dr Susan Woolfenden

Evidence for action to improve the health of urban Aboriginal children and adolescents: The SEARCH Study APP1124822 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2021


Dr Eddy Kizana, Prof Ian Alexander, Prof Roger Hajjar, Dr James Chong

Preclinical Assessment of Gene Therapy for Ventricular Arrhythmia. APP1128864. NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2019


Dr Kenneth Micklethwaite, Prof David Gottlieb, Dr Luciano Dalla Pozza, Prof Peter Shaw, A/Prof Tracey O'Brien, Dr Toby Trahair

A Phase I Study of Autologous CD19 Specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells for Therapy of Relapsed and Refractory B-cell Leukaemia and Lymphoma (The Auto-CAR19 Trial). APP1121704 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2019


A/Prof Kei Lui, Prof Martin Kluckow, Prof Brian Darlow, Dr Paolo Manzoni, Ms Adrienne Kirby, Prof Neil Marlow, A/Prof David Osborn

Does bovine lactoferrin prevent death or disability in very low birthweight infants? Childhood follow up in the NHMRC LIFT study. NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2020


Prof David Mackey, Prof Jamie Craig, A/Prof Alex Hewitt, A/Prof Kathryn Burdon, Prof Robyn Jamieson, A/Prof John Grigg, A/Prof Stuart Macgregor, Dr Fred Chen, Prof Margaret Otlowski, Prof Deborah Schofield

From discovery to therapy in genetic eye diseases. APP1116442. NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence 2017-2021


Prof Adam Guastella, Prof Geraldine Dawson, Prof Cheryl Dissanayake, Prof Valsamma Eapen, Dr Jun Ju Song, Prof Ruth Feldman, A/Prof Natalie Silove

Oxytocin enhancement of social learning in the treatment of toddlers with autism. APP1125449 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2020


Dr Adam Dunn, A/Prof Julie Leask

Monitoring the gap between evidence and vaccination behaviour by sampling the location-specific consumption of health information from news and social media. APP1128968 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2020


Prof Kirsten Howard, A/Prof Gail Garvey, Prof Julie Ratcliffe, A/Prof Allison Tong, Prof Joan Cunningham, Prof Alan Cass, Ms Lisa Whop

Development and validation of an Indigenous Quality of life and Wellbeing Index (IQWI) for health decision-making. APP1125434 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2021


Prof Stuart Grieve, Dr Jerome Maller, Prof Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Prof Russell Gruen, Prof Ma-Li Wong, Prof Gary Browne

"The Aftershock" – understanding the impact of traumatic brain injury on depression and emotional regulation. APP1130609 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2020


A/Prof Parisa Aslani, A/Prof Michael Kohn, A/Prof Natalie Silove, A/Prof Patrick Kelly, A/Prof Simon Clarke

Asking the right question about attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children: a cluster randomised controlled trial. APP1130251 NHMRC Project Grant 2017-2019


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