MRFF Funding Success for SCHN researchers

17 June 2020
Grant Success

Kids Research, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network is happy to announce the success of our researchers in the latest Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) round. A total of approximately more than $20M funding has been awarded to 8 new paediatric health and medical research projects.

  • A/Prof David Ziegler (UNSW), Prof Stefan Pfister, Prof Claire Wakefield, Prof Olaf Witt, Dr Dong-Anh Khuong-Quang - $1,128,498

LOGGIC: A phase III, randomised international multi-centre trial for Low Grade Glioma In Children and adolescents

  • Dr Geoff McCowage (Monash) - $761,210

The TiNT Trial: A phase II clinical trial of trametinib in paediatric patients with neurofibromatosis type 1 associated progressive optic pathway gliomas

  • Prof David Winlaw (USYD), Prof Fariba Dehghani, Prof David Fletcher, Dr Steve Wise, A/Prof Gary Sholler, Dr Julian Ayer - $2,081,761

Personalised Pulmonary Valved Conduits: reducing re-operations in Congenital Heart Disease

  • Dr Rachael Cordina, Dr Julian Ayer (USYD) - $3,328,569

Congenital Heart Fitness Intervention Trial (CH-FIT)

  • Prof David Celermajer (USYD) - $3,994,175

An Australian Study of the Outcomes and Burden of Congenital Heart Disease

  • A/Prof Luregn Schlapbach (UQ), Dr Marino Festa, Prof David Winlaw, Prof Nadia Badawi (USYD) A/Prof Warwick Butt, Prof Yves D’Udekem, Prof Steve Horton, Prof Vicki Anderson, A/Prof Andreas Schibler, Debbie Long, Dr Nelson Alphonso, Dr Simon Erickson, Dr David Andrews, Dr Deanne Yim, Dr Carmela Pestell, Dr John Beca, Dr Kirsten Finucane, Dr Kathryn Murrell - $3,133,858

Gene Expression to Predict Long-Term Outcome in Infants After Heart Surgery

  • Prof Steven McPhail (QUT), A/Prof Gary Sholler, A/Prof Nadine Kasparian (USYD) -  $2,997,256

CHD LIFE+ family-centered care models supporting long-term neurodevelopment

  • A/Prof Hasantha Gunasekera (USYD), Darryl Wright, A/Prof Susan Woolfenden, Sandra Bailey, Dr Kathleen Falster, Prof Emily Banks, Prof Jonathan Craig, Prof Juanita Sherwood, Prof Armando Teixeira-Pinto – $887,186

ACCESS: Aboriginal Community Controlled Ear health Support Systems: developing, embedding and evaluating best practice models of care

  • A/Prof Zornitza Stark (MCRI), Dr Seb Lunke, Dr Sarah Sandaradura, Dr Bruce Bennetts, Dr Jason Pinner, Dr Mary-Louise Freckmann, Dr Himanshu Goel, A/Prof Meredith Wilson  - $4,800,000 

Acute Care Genomics- a national rapid genomic diagnosis program for critically ill children


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