Meet Dr Paula Bray

07 March 2022
International Women's Day

Dr Paula Bray is the Acting Director of Research for the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (SCHN). As a member of the executive team, she works to lead, monitor and evaluate research ensuring careful alignment with SCHN strategic and operational plans and is responsible for leading research strategy, research governance, policy and operations.

With a drive for solving complex problems, research was a natural fit for Dr Bray. Most importantly, she values and is humbled by working with dedicated and talented individuals who share a collective purpose to help children and their families live their healthiest lives.

"I would like to support and enable our workforce to thrive because of the system, not despite it. Providing the vision and environment for continued success."

Keeping in line with the campaign theme of #BreakTheBias, Dr Bray says, "Bias is a complex construct and often we are influenced in our decisions without intention. Breaking the bias is about listening and seeing opportunities that you might not have otherwise seen".

"I have so many male and female inspirational leaders who have generously given their expertise and time to help guide my career. They have shown me breaking the bias is possible and helped me find my place in the current environment."

She finds her inspiration in people who persistently pursue and succeed in achieving their dreams. One role model being Sir David Attenborough, who she says, shows us what is possible with knowledge, humility and a strong sense of purpose.

To other women wanting to further themselves and their career, Dr Bray says, "Be courageous".

"So often we don’t recognise the role and importance of courage, instead waiting for confidence."

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