In the media: How genetic counsellors and ultra-rapid testing help parents search for answers they dread

04 February 2019
Genetic counselling

The Australian Genomics Acute Care study provides the families of critically unwell babies access to rapid genomic testing, in the case that a rare, genetic condition is suspected. The national program, which is also being piloted in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, aims to provide genetic testing for up to 250 babies in neonatal paediatric intensive care units within a maximum of five days.

The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network began recruitment for the program mid-last year, and will contribute $500,000 to the program over two years to assist with the costs of the genetic testing.  

Genetic counsellors play a crucial role in the trial, meeting anxious parents and helping to guide them through the entire process.  You can read more about genetic counsellors involved in the study and the benefits for families in Kate Aubusson's recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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