Kids Research Institute Digital Image Competition

08 August 2016

The Kids Research Institute will again be hosting a Digital Image Competition in The Children's Hospital for Westmead Galleria for 2016 National Science Week. The competition will run from 15-21 August to showcase the diversity and depth of medical and scientific research that takes place at the Kids Research Institute and clinical departments in the hospital. We are keen to engage with children, parents and hospital staff about the science that goes on in the hospital, so we are hoping all will come by the display.

Science is a creative occupation, using stunning visual tools like microscopy to investigate the processes of life, and many of our scientists are also photographers in their leisure time, so we want to capture the public’s aesthetic imagination with our Digital Image Competition.

Staff and visitors are invited to vote for their favourite images, as they did for the 2015 winners (pictured is our 2015 staff pic winner). More information can be found on the 2016 National Science Week website

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