Kickstarting genomic research with online resource

25 May 2018

Staff from Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network have contributed to a new online resource introducing clinicians and researchers to the world of clinical genomics research.

Gayathri Parasivam, Genetic Counsellor at Kids Research was part of the team who developed the educational package, together with colleagues from Bioplatforms Australia, NSW Health Centre for Genetics Education and the Garvan’s Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics (KCCG).

Genomics has the potential to transform healthcare by improving the diagnosis of rare and genetic conditions, assessing an individual’s disease predisposition and informing the selection of treatment options. 

The new resource aims to assist clinicians and researchers who are commencing clinical genomics research in their area of expertise.  It guides users through the key considerations for clinical genomics research, covering topics such as ethics, participant interactions and the multidisciplinary team involved in the process.

It also addresses project and experimental design, and the challenges associated with different genomic technologies and genomic data.  The content includes links to professional guidelines and case studies to allow users to apply their new knowledge to potential clinical and research-related scenarios.

This important resource recognises the complexity of genomic research and the challenges that result from the sheer volume of data and the sensitive nature of genomic information.

The Clinical Genomics Research Resource was developed with support funding from the NSW Ministry of Health Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR).

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