How to protect kids from deadly infections

04 August 2014

Vaccines provide essential protection against devastating infections – but no child likes to have a needle.

The HibMenC study was run at the Kids Research Institute to test a new way of vaccinating against meningitis C - a serious and potentially fatal infection – at the same time as haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib). As a result of the study, children can receive full protection against both of these diseases with just one needle.

Christian Tedeschi was 12 months when he became one of the children in Australia to valiantly take a needle for the good of others. His mother, Maria, was happy for him to be part of the HibMenC study as she knew how important trials like this are to test new vaccinations.

“Call it karma – the vaccines that all of my four children have received were as a result of other families taking part in studies like this,” she says.

Christian is now taking part in another study which will test a vaccine against four strains of meningitis, A, C, Y and W.

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