2009 grant success

Funding source Investigators Title Amount

Australian Orthopaedic Association

A/Prof David Little, Dr Oliver Birke, Dr Aaron Schindeler

Muscle cell contribution to Bone Repair


Australian Research Council

Prof Peter A Castaldi, Prof Elizabeth J Elliott, Prof Anthony Scott, Prof Sandy Middleton, Prof Jonathan C Craig, Dr Catherine D'Este, Dr Christine L Paul, Dr Patrick McElduff, Prof Carol A Pollock, Dr Mary Haines, Prof Sally Redman, Prof Elizabeth M Yano, Dr Hunter Watt, Ms Kate Needham

Organisational change in healthcare: Determinants of effective clinical networks


Australian Research Council

Prof Nicole Packer, Prof Phillip J Robinson, Prof Mark von Itzstein, Prof Robert C Baxter, Prof Patrick P Tam, Prof Kathryn N North, Prof Adam McCluskey, A/Prof Mark P Molloy, Prof Jürgen Götz, Dr Mark E Graham, Dr Sue M Firth, Dr Mark A Baker, Dr Geraldine M O'Neill, Dr Russell J Diefenbach, A/Prof Tracy M Bryan, Dr Rachael Z Murray, Dr Beric R Henderson, A/Prof Jennifer A Byrne, A/Prof Ann K Goodchild, A/Prof Paul A Haynes, Dr Megan Chircop, Prof Mark S Baker, Prof Roger R Reddel, Prof Jens Coorssen, Prof Antony Braithwaite

Beyond Proteomics: Structure and function of protein modifications


Australian Rotary Health Research Fund

Dr Belinda Barton, Dr Luce Dalla-Pozza

Health-related qulity of life and social support in children newly diagnosed with cancer


Bone Growth Foundation

Dr Michelle McDonald

Novel Treatment for Augmentation of Distraction Osteogenesis and Bone Healing


Brain Australia Foundation

A/Prof Brian Owler

Choroidal aquaporin 1 dependent CSF production in the pathogenesis of hydrocephalus


Cancer Institute NSW

Dr Geoffrey McCowage, Prof Peter Shaw, Dr Draga Barbaric, Dr David Ziegler, Prof Glenn Marshall, Dr Luciano Della Pozza

New mechanisms to facilitate collaborative efforts for paediatric cancer clinical trials


Cancer Institute NSW

Prof Phillip Robinson, Prof Roger Reddel, Dr Mark Graham, Dr Megan Chircop, Prof Anthony Braithwaite, A/Prof Tracy Bryan, Dr Scott Cohen, Dr Danilel Speidel, Valentina Valova, A/Prof Beric Henderson,Prof  Jacob George, Dr Jennifer Byrne, Dr Peter Hains, Dr Nicolai Bache, Dr Daniel Catchpoole, A/Prof David Little

A superior mass spectrometry system for ultra-sensitive cancer phosphoproteomics


Foundation for Children

A/Prof Karen Waters

Ventilatory Control in Paediatric Obstructive sleep Apnoea (OSA)



Prof Nadine Henley, Prof Elizabeth Elliott

Alcohol and Pregnancy: Health Promotion messages that work


Heart Foundation

Dr Sarah Garnett, Susie Burrell, Dr Helen Woodhead, A/Prof Katharine Steinbeck, A/Prof Many Noakes, A/Prof Chris Cowell, Prof Louise Baur

Diet intervention for adolescents with prediabetes


Heart Foundation

Prof Louise Baur,  A/Prof Kate  Steinbeck, Prof Andrew Hill

The Loozit weight management trial in adolescents


Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia

Dr Fabienne Brilot, Dr Russell Dale

Biomarkers in early paediatric CNS demyelination, and risk of progression to multiple sclerosis


National Health and Medical Research Council

Dr Geraldine O'Neill

The Cell biology of glioblastoma infiltration


National Health and Medical Research Council

Dr Stephen Alexander, Prof David Harris, Dr Yiping Wang, Dr Yuan Min Wang

Gamma-Delta Tregs, CD8 Tregs and selected natural Tregs to treat renal injury


National Health and Medical Research Council

A/Prof Kim Donaghue, A/Prof Timothy Jones, Dr Ning Cheung, Prof Jennifer Couper, A/Prof Maria Craig, A/Prof Fergus Cameron

Intervention to reduce the risk of diabetic retinopathy and early adverse retianl changes in type 1 diabetes


National Health and Medical Research Council

A/Prof Chris Cowell, A/Prof David Little, Dr Craig Munns, Prof Bruce Foster, A/Prof Margaret Zacharin

Bisphosphonate Treatment of Childhood Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis due to Perthes Disease


National Health and Medical Research Council

Dr Rachel Skinner, Prof Martha Hickey, Dr Eugen Mattes, A/Pr Dorota Doherty, Prof Anthony Smith, Prof Susan Rosenthal

Childhood determinants of risky sexual behaviour in adolescence: a prospective cohort study.


National Health and Medical Research Council

Prof Ian Alexander, Dr Matthew McCormack, A/Prof Stephen Alexander, Prof Adrian Thrasher, Dr Samantha Ginn

Gene therapy, stress haematopoiesis and the risk of malignancy


National Health and Medical Research Council

Prof Richard Mattick, Prof Steve Allsop, Prof Jackob Najman, Dr Delyse Hutchinson, Prof Elizabeth Elliott, Dr Lucy Burns, Dr Susan Jacobs

Impact of Parental Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Substance Use on Infant Development and Family Functioning


National Health and Medical Research Council

Prof Philip Sambrook, A/Pr David Little, A/Pr Lynette March, Prof Rachelle Buchbinder

A randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of zoledronate therapy in osteonecrosis of the hip


National Health and Medical Research Council

A/Pr Roger Fulton, Prof Robert Howman-Giles

The Clincial Impact of Event-based Motion Correction in Paediatric PET/CT Brain Imaging


National Health and Medical Research Council

Prof Phillipa Hay, Prof Stephen Touyz, Dr Caroline Meyer, Dr John Arcelus, Dr Sloane Madden, Dr Ross Crosby, Dr Kathleen Pike

Taking a LEAP forward in the treatment of Anorexia Nervosa: A randomised controlled trial.


National Health and Medical Research Council

A/Pr Amanda Leach, Prof Edward Mulholland, Prof Mathu Santosham, A/Pr Paul Torzillo, A/Pr Ngiare Brown, Prof Peter McIntyre, Ms Anne Balloch, Dr Heidi Smith-Vaughan, A/Pr Susan Skull

Single versus combination pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (13PCV and PHiD-CV) for high-risk Aboriginal children (COMBO)


National Health and Medical Research Council

Prof Dinah Reddihough, Dr Catherine Marraffa, Prof Philip Hazell, Dr Katherine Lee, A/Pr Michael Kohn, Dr John Wray

Multi-site randomised controlled trial of fluoxetine in children and adolescents with autism


National Health and Medical Research Council

Prof Paul Barach, A/Pr David Winlaw, Prof Rick Iedema, A/Pr Julie Johnson, Dr Ken Catchpole, A/Pr Emile Bacha, Dr Antonius Schouten

Human Factors and Patient Safety during Paediatric Heart Surgery: An Evidence-based Approach to Improve Patient Outcome


National Health and Medical Research Council

A/Pr Yves D'udekem D'acoz, A/Pr David Winlaw, Dr Tom Gentles, A/Pr Robert Weintraub

The Australia and New Zealand Fontan Registry: a Growing Population of Young Adults with Heart Failure


National Health and Medical Research Council

Ms Lisa Devereux, Dr Daniel Catchpoole, Dr Anna Defazio, Dr Andrew Holloway, Dr Richard Lake, Prof Bruce Robinson, Dr Christopher Schmidt, Ms Heather Thorne, Dr Nik Zeps 

Australasian Biospecimen Network-Oncology


National Health and Medical Research Council

Dr Mary Haines, Prof JonathonCraig, Prof Elizabeth Elliot

Determinants of effective clinical networks


National Health and Medical Research Council

Prof Elizabeth Elliott, Prof Robert Booy, Prof Peter McIntyre, Dr
Yvonne Zurynski
, Dr Jim Buttery, Dr Peter Richmond, Prof Mike Gold, Dr Helen Marshall,
Dr Jennifer Royle, Dr Nick Wood

Characterisation of H1N1 Influenza 09 in hospitalised children using Paediatric
Active Enhanced Diseases Surveillance


National Health and Medical Research Council

Prof Robert Booy, Prof Dominic Dwyer, Prof Elizabeth Elliott, Dr
Leon Herron

An unblinded randomized study of influenza A/H1N1 09 resistance to oseltamivir and zanamivir


NeuroScience Research - Pfizer

Dr Russell Dale

An autoimmune model of parkinsonism and neuropsychiatric disease: functional effects of auto-antibodies on dopamine metabolism and neurotransmission


Perpetual Foundation

Dr Gerldine O'Neill

Confocal Microscope


Perpetual Foundation

Prof Nadia Badawi

Neurodevelopmental outcome following major cardiac and non-cardiac surgery in infants less than ninety days of age


Pfizer Australian Research

Dr Kate Hale, Prof Taina Sorrell, Prof Peter Shaw, Dr Christa Nath

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of voriconazole in children with cancer who are receiving this drug as prevention or treatment of suspected or proven invasive fungal infection


Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Foundation

Dr Justin Lees

The regulation of Cancer cell migration within solid tissue



Prof Ian Alexander

Expansion of Human Calls for Transplant


The Royal Australian Collage of Physiaians

Dr Anne Durkan

DNA Vaccination against CCL2 and CX3CL1 in a murine model of atherosclerosis


Tourette Syndrome Association

Dr Russell Dale

Detection and Characterization of pathogenic autoantibodies targeting the dopamine system in PANDAD and  Tourette Syndrome.


University of Sydney

Prof Kathryn North, Dr Belinda Barton, A/Pr E.Arthur Shores

Early identification of cognitive deficits in children with neurofibromatosistype 1


University of Sydney

Prof John Christodoulou, Prof Patrick Tam

Indentification of Novel MECP2 Targets: Towrads the discovery of Innovative Approaches to the treatment of Rett Syndrome


University of Sydney

A/Prof Karen Waters, A/Prof Francis Lannigan, Prof Vicki Anderson, A/Prof Rosemary Horne, A/Prof Kurt Lushington

Does Adenotonsillectomy improve Neurocognition in pre-school children with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea


University of Sydney

A/Prof Christine Clarke, Dr Stuart Turville, Dr Rachael Murray, Dr Megan Chircop, Dr Therese Becker, Dr Geraldine O'Neill, Dr Linda Bendell, Dr Beric Henderson, Prof Anthony Cunningham, Prof Phillip Robinson, Prof Patrick Tam, Prof Richard Kefford, Prof Kathryn North, Prof Roger Reddel, Dr Helen Rizos, Dr Monica Miranda-Saksena

Deltavision Core Image Restoration System with QLM



National Health and Medical Research Council

Dr Yuyan Chen

Increased Tumor Protein D52 expression as a marker of tumour predispostion, and a possible role in DNA repair



Cancer Institute NSW

Cuc Bach

Understanding focal adhesion dynamics in cell migration



Prof Joshua Burns

Closing in on a cure for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease


The Royal Australian Collage of Physiaians

Dr Myra Poon

The Changing Phenotype of type 1 Diabetes- The increasing role of the environment