Game changing national summit for children with neurodevelopment disorders

06 June 2019

‘Approximately one in ten children in Australia meet criteria for a neurodevelopmental disorder’

Professor Adam Guastella, Michael Crouch Chair in Child and Youth Mental Health, clinical psychologist and clinical trials specialist based at Westmead Children’s Hospital and the Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney is leading a national effort where leading experts from universities and health districts across Australia come together to discuss and create a major neurodevelopmental disorder research framework that will transform the way children and their families are assessed, diagnosed, treated and supported.

Professor Guastella working alongside Professor Russell Dale, Clinical Director of Kids Neuroscience Centre at Kids Research, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network recognises the need for an establishment of partnerships that can provide innovative ways for researchers to store and share critical clinical data that can be used to revolutionise research, assessment and diagnosis, treatments and community supports, especially for families who live outside metropolitan areas.

“Our experts are at the coalface every day providing evidence-based care to the most complex cases, many of whom are from very diverse backgrounds. We need to be able to share our information to support as many children as possible,” said Professor Russell Dale, Head of Kids Neuroscience Centre at Kids Research, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.

An improvement in services is likely to not only allow the best opportunity to improve lifelong outcomes for many children but also have a significant cost savings benefit over the long term for individuals, families and governments.

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