Awards and Recognition

22 December 2016

Kids Research institute researchers were reconised for their innovative work. Many researchers received awards, grants or academic  promotions during the year.


Kristine Macartney,  Deputy Director of National Centre for Research and Survelliance, was  honoured  with a Sax Institute Research Action Award recently. The award was for Kristine’s research focus on vaccine safety as featured in the Summer 2016 Research Australia INSPIRE magazine

The award is for research that has had an impact on policy, programs or service delivery in the past five years. Kristine’s collaborative research work assessing the ‘benefit-risk balance’ of vaccines has included establishment of a new active vaccine safety surveillance system (AusVaxSafety) and national expansion of the Paediatric Active Enhanced Disease Surveillance (PAEDS) network to identify disease and vaccine-related adverse events as they occur. Kristine’s research has contributed to a better understanding of many vaccine preventable diseases.

Ben Marais received an award from the Australian Academy of Science for his research determining the global impact of tuberculosis (TB) in children. Ben was awarded the prestigious Gustav Nossal Medal for Global Health.

His  research work is focussed on prevention and treatment of TB in children and has also been recognised by the World Health Organisation and UNICEF. In his citation, the Academy also recognised that Ben has "raised awareness that MDR-TB is actively transmitted within communities, which puts children at risk and requires urgent strategies. He wrote the first 'survival guide' for paediatricians caring for children with MDR-TB, and contributed to global and regional initiatives to limit its spread."


A number of women were recognised for their work and achievements by The University of Sydney. Three promotions were announced within the Discipline of Child and Adolescent Health

Associate Professor Fabienne Brilot-Turville Brain Autoimmunity Research, Institute of Neuroscience and Muscle Research

Professor Jennifer Byrne Head of the Children’s Cancer Research Unit

Professor Robyn Jamieson Head of Western Sydney Genetics Program


 Jonathan de Lima and members of the Anaesthesia Research and Kids Heart Research teams were  awarded a one-year Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) 2017 Project Grant to investigate Cyanotic congenital heart disease- the role of nitrogen species in adaptation to hypoxaemia. This grant will assist with Anaesthesia Department’s expanding clinical research program.

Respiratory Medicine’s Paul Robinson has a Vertex Innovation Award worth €56,685:for thr  asthma and cystic fibrosis research program

 Kristine Macartney, Deputy Director of NCIRS, has recieved a multi-million dollar contract from Department of Health to lead AusVaxSafety research with a collaborative team from the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (including Nick Wood and Helen Quinn), Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Telethon Institute and others.

 Renal Medicine’s Hugh McCarthy received an Alport Foundation of Australia Grant-in-Aid. The funding will support whole genome sequencing to identify novel pathogenic mutations in patients with a clinical diagnosis of Alport Syndrome.

Alport Syndrome is a inherited disorder that can lead to glomulonephritis and end-stage kidney disease. Symptoms are usually mild in women with the disorder though they can pass the disorder to children, whereas most males with the disorder will develop renal failure by the age of forty. Accurate genetic diagnosis of Alport Syndrome is therefore very important.

.Associate Professor Fabienne Brilot-Turville  was awarded a Sydney Research Excellence Initiative (SREI) 2020 grant from The University of Sydney. The USyd colloborative team, led by Fabienne, was  officially recognised as the first of the Brain and Mind Centre’s Project Teams under their Participation Model initiative. The initiative is intended to drive multidisciplinary and colloborative research in brain and mind science in alignment with the University of Sydney Strategic Plan. The SREI 2020 and Brain & Mind Centre Neuroimmunology Project Team that Fabienne has assembled includes expertise in brain auto-antibody and autoimmune-related disorders from Kids Research Institute and the CHW Clinical School (including long-time partner in research Russell Dale; Westmead Hospital, Brain and Mind Centre at Camperdown, Concord Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

 Institute of Neuroscience and Muscle Research PhD student and neurologist Darshi Ramanathan  received a Brain Foundation Grant to study MOG antibody-associated disease:

The grant will assist plans to build a collaborative research consortium focussed on neuroinflammation, which will include establishment of an auto-antibody testing referral centre that will be a leader in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.


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