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Cancer research
A researcher’s vision to analyse genes of young cancer patients to personalise their treatment has now become a virtual reality. Twenty years ago, Associate Professor Daniel Catchpoole developed an idea to examine complex data and deliver precision medicine through an immersive experience. Now, a prototype for ‘Virtual Reality for the Observation of Oncology Models’, VROOM for short, has be...
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Respiratory research
Lockdowns led to a dramatic decrease in the number of young people taken to Sydney hospitals for their asthma during the pandemic. These are the findings from a new study, published in Springer Nature, investigating the impact of the three COVID-19 waves in NSW on paediatric asthma-related hospital presentations. The research found a significant decline in presentations while stay-at-home rest...
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Webinar series
In the 8th episode of our Advanced Therapeutics Webinar series we revisited the topic of ocular gene therapy with our biggest panel of speakers this year. Since LUXTURNA’s success as a world-first gene replacement therapy for an RPE65-related retinal vision loss early last year, our researchers have made great strides in paving the way for the treatment of patients with all kinds of...
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