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Rare Disease Day
The benefits of a new precision medicine initiative, being piloted at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN), are already being seen in children and families with rare genetic diseases. The program, Gene2Care, aims to improve the standard of care, including enhanced diagnoses and access to management and treatment. The family-centred program, funded by Luminesce Alliance, combines the effo...
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Genetic Testing
A new test for genetic diseases is successfully providing the sought-after answers for families of sick children. RNA diagnostic testing has already achieved a diagnosis for more than 70 families, with hopes it can be implemented in everyday clinical practice. Current methods using DNA sequencing are only able to diagnose half of the children and families with suspected genetic disorders. Prof...
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Kids Research labs
At Kids Research the goal is clear, to understand and find cures for all conditions affecting children and adolescents. A goal given more meaning by the location of Kids Research on the doorstep of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment often begin in the experimental labs, where drugs, chemicals and other types of biological matter are analysed and teste...
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