$8.8M investment in Cell and Gene Therapy facilities across Australia

31 May 2019
Gene Therapy

Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) has announced their investment of $8.8M towards leading cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing facilities across Australia over the next four years. Sydney Cell and Gene Therapy (Westmead), part of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN) is one of the lead facilities that will be supported through this investment to continue work in revolutionising how we treat many diseases, particularly rare genetic diseases and cancers.

Cell and gene therapies at SCHN include cutting-edge gene delivery technologies in vivo to replace or repair faulty genes with healthy ones and/or manipulation of patient cells ex vivo to develop an immune effector therapy, CAR T-cell – this with a sufficient amount of cells will achieve therapeutic benefit.

The TIA investment will help address the need to enhance the capacity of GMP-standard therapeutic production and the recruitment of highly trained staff to meet demands of manufacturing at scale.

TIA’s incredible support will contribute significantly to the development and delivery of cutting-edge cell and gene therapies directly to Australian patients and put Australia at the global forefront of development of new biological therapies that offer such great promise to patients worldwide.

Full media release can be found here.

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