$5M funding boost for kids with brain cancer

20 July 2018

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has announced an incredible $5 million funding boost to the Zero Childhood Cancer Program—the first instalment of the Australian Government's Brain Cancer Mission.

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program is a national initiative led by clinicians and researchers of Children’s Cancer Institute and The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network through the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Zero Childhood Cancer is one of the most exciting childhood cancer research initiatives ever undertaken in Australia, giving children with brain cancer unprecedented access to personalised cancer therapy.  This involves developing treatment plans tailored to each child’s cancer using the genetic profile of the cancer to predict individual response to anti-cancer drugs and choose the most suitable treatment.

The new $5 million funding boost will bring together a national network of hospitals, research centres and clinicians.  With all eight children’s hospitals in Australia now participating in the program, children with high-risk brain cancer across the country will have access to the Zero Childhood Cancer testing platform.

It is anticipated that more than 200 children with high-risk brain cancer will be able to participate in the Zero Childhood Cancer national clinical trial over the life of the program.


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