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  • 02 May 2019
Investigating the cause of miscarriage and infertility is the focus of a new study from the Kids Research team - which will change the way clinical geneticists search for the genetic basis for unexplained, recurrent, prenatal death or infertility. “Finding the genetic cause of single gene disorders have come a long way but it’s still really difficult for families with prenatal death or miscarr...
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  • 12 April 2019
Robyn Jamieson
Almost 15 years ago while working as a Clinical Geneticist at The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Professor Robyn Jamieson was introduced to the White family. Mum, Beth had come to her about her vision loss then, in 2015 it was discovered that Beth's three childrens were also showing signs of vision loss.  “I had seen the family and we knew that Beth had retinal dystrophy, but she als...
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Dan Catchpoole
Associate Professor Dan Catchpoole, Head of the Tumour Bank in the Children's Cancer Research Unit , has been elected by his peers as the new President-Elect on the Board of Directors for the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER). In the new role he will undertake a number of executive responsibilities as well as assisting to guide the...
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Illustration of a couple comforting each other
Existing bereavement support for families, friends, community members and health professionals affected by childhood cancer now includes three additional translations of the audio-visual By My Side resource, aided by a Multilingual Information Projects grant from the South East Sydney Local Health District. The By My Side bereavement resource was launched in 2016 by researchers at the Behaviou...
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Dragonfly by Leanne Tobin
Aboriginal health
The federal government has announced funding for a new 10-year Indigenous Health Research program to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In working to Close the Gap in health outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, three major priorities have been set by the program, which address the biggest preventable health challenges faced by Aboriginal...
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Virtual reality goggles
Virtual reality
Associate Professor Dan Catchpoole, Head of the Tumour Bank at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, has been awarded $260,000 to use Virtual Reality (VR) visualization to allow childhood cancer specialists to make more informed treatment decisions for their patients, thanks to an innovative grant program by the Sony Foundation and cancer charity Tour de Cure. The program aims to bring medical...
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Patient navigators
A clinical trial for children with chronic kidney disease (CKD) will help address health inequities experienced by children with CKD from low socioeconomic backgrounds. The trial received funding under a national program of the Medical Research Futures Fund to boost clinical trial activities into rare cancers, rare diseases and unmet needs. Subject to receiving all ethics and regulatory a...
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Research integrity
Professor Jennifer Byrne, head of the Children's Cancer Research Unit and professor of molecular oncology at the University of Sydney, has been digging deeper into scientific fraud since she made an alarming discovery one night in 2015 as she was browsing through research papers on PubMed.  She noticed striking similarities between several papers published by differe...
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Genetic counselling
The Australian Genomics Acute Care study provides the families of critically unwell babies access to rapid genomic testing, in the case that a rare, genetic condition is suspected. The national program, which is also being piloted in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, aims to provide genetic testing for up to 250 babies in neonatal paediatric intensive care units within a ma...
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People may unknowingly bring measles back from other countries, including Europe
This article was originally published on The Conversation, an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public. Australia was declared free of measles in 2014. Yet this summer we’ve seen nine cases of measles in New South Wales, and others in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. High vacci...
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