News & events - November 2009

2009 Young Investigator Awards

  • Date: Thursday 19th November 2009
    Time: 11.00am - 12.00noon
    Venue: Lorimer Dods LT, Education Centre, Level 4

Please come along to this years Paediatric Update to watch 4 young researchers present their research work at the Young Investigator Awards. For more details contact:

  • E:
    T: +61 2 9845 1115

Children's Hospital Obesity, Metabolism, Physical Activity & Energy Researchers' Meeting

Presentation by PhD candidate Charmaine Tam: What's new in adipose tissue in children?
  • Date: Tuesday, 24th November 2009
    Time: 11.00am - 12.00noon
    Venue: Tutorial Room 6, Level 3

Charmaine will discuss the emerging role of fat tissue as an inflammatory organ and the implications this has for metabolic and cardiovascular disease. She will discuss this in two clinical cohorts: fat biopsies collected from healthy weight and overweight children having elective surgery at CHW and a short-term overfeeding study in adults. Enquiries:

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